Support service includes:
1- Space for offices, work areas and research pilot experiments
2- Helping technology units in intellectual property issues
3- Financial support
4- Libraries and laboratories
5- Internet access
6- Marketing services
7- Providing facilities for commercialization of research achievements
8- Increasing the technological capacity in the Fars province
9- Boosting local economy
10- Creating suitable job opportunities
11- Seeking to provide legal support to speed up the growth of units resided in the incubator center
12- Providing services and consulting needed by units, aimed at conversion of their new ideas to products that can be commercialized and the commercialization process of the products
13- Supervising the growth process of the units and constant analysis of their achievements in order to increase the efficiency of the incubator center
14- Supervising on the activity of technology units for realization of their idea-centricity
15- Establishment of initial growth division if needed


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